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Discussion about
Future Technology Inequality (Tech Divide)

The Digital Divide of 2018.

In case you missed it, the whole world has just changed. A single world-wide currency, big data, precognitive knowledge, and self-driving cars are now a reality.  There are many more disruptive changes on the way.  This club will present the future technology, implications for society and the job skills needed for the upcoming binary future.

Club Syllabus:

1. Issues with Self-Driving Cars and Trucks

2. Big Data

3. Mind Control, Mind Readers and Brain Memory and Transfer

4. Cybernetics Implants / Exoskeletons

5. Space Tourism

6. CyberWarfare

7. Robotic Workforce / Human Overseers

8. Age-Regression and Designer Drugs

9. Drone Delivery / Supply Chain

10. Universal Translators

11. Modern Textiles / Cosmetics

12. Government 2.0

13. Internet 4.0

14. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Holographic TV

15. Radiology

16. Open Discussion

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