Binary Engineering

Technology workouts classes to help build your career portfolio.

Engineering is the skill of designing and building with a purpose. A workout is when someone practices or exercises to test or improve their ability or performance. Binary Engineering(BE) provides technology workouts via online classes that build real-world solutions to problems. Our classes are carefully selected to be applied directly to one's carreer portfolio for the purpose of giving a marketplace advantage. Our technology coaches train via project-based classes over Zoom. BE provides the knowledgeable instructor, accountability and curriculum to match the real world problems. Our approach is unique because flips the traditional classroom teaching with classes too technical for the average community college.

Future Technology Inequality

Learn about the latest technology innovations and how to be on the correct side of the digital divide.

Robotics Automation

Since the development of waterwheels over 6,000 years ago, humans have used the automation of tools to help with their lives. As workers navigate the new workplaces with the Internet, robotics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), it is important that the workforce understands today’s automation and industrial robotics.


Coding is a technical training program that teaches the parts of programming with the biggest impact and relevance to current market needs..

Green Technology

Green Tech is the use of technology and science to reduce human impacts on the natural environment. Green technology encompasses a wide area of scientific research, including energy, atmospheric science, agriculture, material science, and hydrology.